What is PayPal!
PayPal is an online payment service that allows you to send and receive money online. The service offered by  PayPal.com  works like a bank account , the only difference being that operations are done electronically, in front of the computer, through an Internet connection.A user who can open a PayPal account is "loaded" this account with a certain value, for it using a credit card compatible with online payments. In this respect, the money will be withdrawn from the account and move the traditional electronic. It is important to note that this operation does not entail any extrataxa, is itself a money transfer online payment, banks worldwide with 0 commission.

                  I enroll in PayPal :

Step 1
Enter this link  www.paypal.com ;
Sign Up Press.

Step 2
Choose Romania at the "Your country or region", then choose US English in the "Language".
Also in this step should be selected and account type 3 categories: Personal - if you just want to shop online, Premier - if besides shopping you want to do and transactions of sale, Bussiness - if you want to do trading under a business name . Click on one of the types of accounts.

Step 3
Fill personal dumnevoastra.
Name and surname must coincide with the card that you will use to trade.

Step 4
In this step you must select a secret question and many complete answer. These questions you will ask when you want to recover a lost password. Very important to remember these answers, so choose them carefully.

Step 5
Your account has been created. Now you need to add the card that you will use in transactions. Profile section, select Add / Edit Credit Card.You can use almost any type of card. It is recommended to use a debit card type VISA , lei, compatible with online payments. Enter your credit card.

Step 6
Now you can login to your account by clicking this link  www.paypal.com

Fill in your email address and password.

Step 7
After you log in, you open the page and PayPal. 
For now you have a PayPal account "VERIFIED". To check must go through two stages. The first step consists in verifying your email (see photo above). Email Verification involves clicking a link that people at PayPal sends you e-mail. Check your e-mail! You will find an e-mail to service @ intl.paypal.com  subject "Activate your PayPal accoun t".
After you have clicked on the activation link, you are prompted to enter the password, then click "confirm", then click " continue ". If everything is ok so far, the first phase has been overcome. He left the second phase, namely the confirmation card.
Fill out this form with your card Where is completed, just check to be good.
If all data is entered correctly, PayPal will remove your card from 1.5 euros. 
The money you're going to get back in your PayPal account after a few days , once the verification process is completed. 
Complete involves inserting a 4-digit code that you will find on your card statement If you use internet banking, this statement will appear after 2-5 days of the transaction. If you do not have internet banking access to go to the bank and ask for a statement of account. After entering 4 digit code, your account will become a PayPal verified account.
Congratulations, you have successfully created a PayPal account !
AlertPay:  is an online payment service that allows you to send and receive money online quickly and securely, almost anywhere in the world. Below is the steps enrollment AlertPay:

1. Register

Step 1 :
a) To register  click here and then click on "Sign Up Now".
b) Choose your country: selectati „Romania” din lista.
c) Choose your account type: bifati „personal starter”
d) Click „next”

Pasul 2: Account owner contact information
a) First name: nume
b) Last name: prenume
c) Address line 1: adresa
d) Address line 2: continuare adresa (in cazul in care nu incape pe prima linie)
e) City / town: oras
f) Country: romania
g) Region: judet
h) Postal code: cod postal
i) Country of citizenship: Romania
j) Home phone: nr. tel (adaugati „4” inaintea nr. de telefon ex: 40746123456)
k) Occupation: occupation (if you have no occupation, select "other")
l) Date of birth: date of birth (month / day / year) 
m) Click "next" 
Step 3 : AlertPay account login
to) Email address: Email Address 
b) Re-enter email address: retype your email address 
c) Password: password (to be unique, contain letters + figures) 
d) Re-enter password: retype password 
e) transaction pin: pin that you will use to transactions (4-8 digits) 
f) Re-enter transaction pine: rewrite pin 
Step 4 : Password recovery
a) Security question # 1: select a question from the list 
b) answer # 1: answer to the question selected 
c) Security question # 2: select another question from the list 
d) answer # 2:Selected answer to 
Step 5 :
a) Third party: Select "no" 
b) Word verification: Picture code must be written in the box below. 
c) User agreement: Check the "I agree to AlertPay's User agreement" 
d) Click "register" 
e) Validate Email: Check e-mail that you received a message with a link that you should click. After you have clicked on the link, you can log into your account with your email address and password used to register.

2.  Checking account Checking account is the first step to be made after registration. To check the account must send them to the AlertPay following documents:a) Scanned copy of passport or driving license or passportb) scanned copy bank statement or a recent utility bill or telephone either gas or. * bill must be in your name and not older than months. Sending these children are doing online by uploading them directly from your AlertPay account. After you have scanned the above documents, access the link "Become AlertPay verified" the last box on the left. Then select "photo id" and click "next" to upload one of the documents mentioned in point 1.

3.  Add Bank Account To add a bank account, access profiles> financial> bank accounts and click "add". The process includes several steps:a) Select from the list and Romania click "next". b) Select the first option and click "next". c.1.) Account type: select "personal savings" from the list. c.2.) Swift BIC: SWIFT bank code (if you do not know the SWIFT code, click on this  link ) c.3.) Iban: IBANc.4.) Bank name: Bank namec.5.) click "next"d) Check that the data is correct and then click "add bank account"s) account has been added successfully.