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Monday, January 16, 2017

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

STEP 1 :

12SC Member AreaContact UsCancel

Lucian you're at the Home of

Welcome to your Basic account of 12 Second Commute.  You were given this account because your upgraded at the Ultimate License.  Use the information below to put your system to use and get the most from your account. 
It took us years to create everything in this site, so don't get frustrated as you use the system.  Take your time, put the system to use and you will find that if you just take things step by simple step you will conquer the online monster called online marketing. 
Each of the boxes below will provide a different aspect of 12SC.  The show me buttons are short 60 second review videos for that aspect of the site. 
Keep your focus on the Ultimate License until you start making money with it and then move on to other things.  Everyone is telling you that you need multiple streams of income which is true but you need one stream first and UL provides that opportunity for you. 
When you click on the Show Me button they will open a new window or tab on your browser so after you watch each video, close the window or tab and you will come right back here.

Tell me about the Autoresponder and how I can put it to use.The Autoresponder (The link for this is on the left tool bar) is the number one tool you must have and use to succeed and make money online.
The Autoresponder you get with 12 Second Commute is a full function Pro Autoresponder that has excellent deliverability and allows you to take full control over your online marketing. 
One of the things most people do wrong is to use a replicated sales page for some program in their promotions.  This is great for the program and terrible for you because using their page means you are only building their list. 
By having your own capture page and Autoresponder tie in, you put yourself first in line to capture prospects.  Once you have prospects in your Autoresponder, you can send them wherever you want to see or buy whatever you're selling. 
You have full control over how you setup and use your 12 Second Commute Autoresponder and the Prospecting System as detailed below makes it super easy to have your Autoresponder, Capture Page and Messages setup in minutes.

I want to setup my own capture page and Autoresponder.
Your best and easiest option to get your promotions going for other programs will be to use the Prospecting System.  There is a button above called Prospecting System.
By using the Prospecting System, you will get your own capture page, Autoresponder and messages setup in minutes.  Click on the Prospecting System button, watch the overview video and then do your setup.  Once you complete your setup, you can edit the messages, capture pages and Autoresponder however you want.
You can do a different setup for every product, program or service you want to promote and they will all be maintained in the Prospecting System.  Once your setup is completed, you will simply promote your new page.  See the I want to learn about advertising and working online box below.

You can also do your own individual setup of the Autoresponder, messages and capture page although we don't recommend you go this route until you have used the system for a while and fully understand how everything ties together.
With this said, there are videos in the 12SC Training Video section(the link to this is on the left tool bar) and they will show you how to setup everything from scratch. 

I want to create an income with 12 Second Commute.
This is a great idea and the first thing you will want to do is setup your affiliate account.  Click here to setup your affiliate account, fill in the required information, make sure you put in your PayPal email address, agree to the terms and then click on the Sign me up as an affiliate button and you'll be good to go.

There is a link on the left tool bar called Affiliate Area and when you click there, you will be taken to the main affiliate section.  From there you will see links across the top of the page where you can get banners, ads, messages, check your stats, monitor your sales and income--well the works.
You can also send messages to your downline and while the page might say you can't send anything not related to 12SC, just ignore that as you can send your downline anything you want as they can remove themselves from your mailings in their back office.
With that said, do not send a bunch of junk to your affiliates as it will just make them mad and not want to work with you.
There are splash pages you can use to promote 12SC that are already setup and you can access them by clicking on the Promotional Pages button above.
If you want to have your own capture page to promote 12SC and build a list, then use the Prospecting System and select Template 35, 36 or 37 in step two and AR message series 15 or 16 in step five.

I want to Track my Ads and Links.The Ad and Link Tracker (The link is on the left tool bar) you get with 12 Second Commute is one of the best on the Internet and will allow you to track and monitor every link you have online. 
Whether you want to track an ad or you want to see which link on your site gets more hits or you want to cloak your affiliate links, the ad tracker is what you want. 
Setup for each link takes less than 60 seconds and the info you'll get from this service will be invaluable to you.  There are many ways you can use your ad tracker and below are just a few of them. 
You can use it to track hits from advertising you run.  Even if you only use free advertising, you will want to know how many hits you're getting because if you're using free ads and not getting any hits, you are wasting time. 
You can embed ad trackers on your blog or web pages so you know what people are doing and which links they are clicking on.  This will help you to better optimize your page for quicker action by visitors. 
You can use the ad tracker to cloak or hide your affiliate links.  For example if you're promoting bottled water, your affiliate link might be something like the following: 
If you use that link in an ad then people will see the and some will bypass your affiliate link and go directly to the site.  This makes no sense as they don't save money, but there are people with too much time on their hands who want to bypass affiliate links. 
When you use the ad tracker this can't happen because the tracking link will be generic and if they take out any part of it, the link simply won't work, so they have to click on it and this sets the cookies so you will get credit for any sales. 
The best way to learn how to use your ad tracker is to go there and create some sample links and play around with it.  You will find the Ad Tracker on the left tool bar.

I want to learn about and setup URL Rotators.The URL Rotator (The link for this is on the left tool bar) is an amazing tool and once you start using it, you'll wonder how you got along without it. 
The URL Rotator works like this.  Let's say you're promoting 4 different programs which means you need to advertise 4 different links and monitor the links, the hits to the links, etc. 
You can save yourself a lot of time and trouble but putting those 4 links into a master rotator and then you only need to promote the one master rotator link and it will distribute hits to all 4 of your programs automatically. 
Now, you still need to advertise your master rotator link but instead of advertising 4 links, you only do one and get the same or better results. 
I used 4 as this example, but you can put as many links with one rotator as you want and this will come in handy for the next way to use a rotator as an ad co-op. 
Using the rotator for ad co-ops.   You can sell this service to outside people or use it to help your downline in any program.  For example, if you have 20 people in your downline in some program and you want to make your downline grow, you can create a master rotator and promote their links for them. 
You can charge them a set fee for handling their advertising and by doing this everyone wins.
You create a master URL Rotator, place their links in the rotator and then use the master rotator URL in your promotions.  Based on the example of 20 people above if you charge each of them $10, you now have $200 to spend on advertising and since the more you spend on ads, the more you get, everyone will get a lot more bang for their buck then if they took that $10 and bought advertising individually. 
You will be helping your downline, it will save them time, their business grows and as it grows, your business grows so you all win. 
You can also use the URL Rotator in conjunction with your prospecting system URL's. 
Over time, you will have a number of prospecting systems setup and you won't have time to promote them all individually so create a master rotator and take the links from your prospecting system, put them in your rotator and poof, you can now promote as many of your prospecting system pages as you want.

I want to build my own page using the Capture Page Creator.You can do this and use the Capture Page Creator (CPC) (The link for this is on the left tool bar) to create your own pages but keep the following in mind. 
Most people cannot create attractive pages and while you might think your page looks good, the reality is it won't and I don't say this to be mean, I say it because it's the truth.
After working online since 1999 and in corporate marketing for many years before this, there is no way I could create a professional looking capture page. 
Learning design and layout takes years of practice and special knowledge and is something best left up to the experts, remember you need to choose your battles and you can't be an expert on everything. 
I have seen some of the worst looking pages on the planet created by people who thought they were works of art and since you only have one chance at a good first impression, you don't want something that looks good to you but bad to everyone else floating around the Internet. 
Now with this said, I do recommend you go into the CPC and create a page and play around with it so you have some basic understanding of how the editor works and what the buttons in the ed
itor do but unless you are a professional designer, you are better off using the Prospecting System and one of the ready made templates. 
Also keep in mind that we do not offer support on design and layout because, well we can't do design and we don't attempt to try...

I want to learn about the Contact Manager.The Contact Manager (The link for this is on the left tool bar) is a great feature that is tied directly into your Autoresponder.
The reason we created the Contact Manager was for those who wanted to do telemarketing.  However it is a great little tool that will provide a snapshot of your contacts and lists so you can easily see how many prospects are in your lists and which lists they are in. 
You can also setup reminder emails--I don't forget my wife's birthday anymore.  You can create To Do's which helps me to get the present in time for the birthday.   You can add notes and create notes on your prospects. 
You can also import prospects but please understand when you do imports, the prospects are NOT added to your Autoresponder so you cannot send mails to your prospects in bulk from your Contact Manager.  You can send individual emails but this will run through your email client. 
Click on the Contact Manager link on the left tool bar to access this service.
What is the Image Library and how do I use it?We created the Image Library (The link for this is on the left tool bar) because many of the image providers Getty and Masterfile in particular will place images on the Internet and then when people use those images on their blogs and sites, they will file copyright infringement lawsuits against the person for thousands of dollars. 
We had this happen to us where a designer we hired and paid to do some work used an image on our site without proper approval.  Since the image was on our site, we were liable and it ended up costing us over a thousand dollars for an image about the size of a golf ball. 
At any rate, we know people want images for their blogs and sites so we purchased and took pictures and made absolutely certain we had unlimited rights to everything we purchased.  We setup the image library so our clients would have access to images without having to worry about the morons at Getty or Masterfile coming after them. 
There are over 5,000 images in the image library and you can use as many as you want for virtually any reason you want--Except selling them or giving them away. 
You are NOT allowed to sell the images or give the images to others outside of 12 Second Commute.  These are for our clients and anyone wanting images from you can buy a membership from you so you get the commission and they get the images.

What is the Program Builder and how do I use it?The Program Builder is an amazing service that allows you to setup a custom replicated sales page and Autoresponder that your team can use to promote anything they want.  Hey, I thought that is what the Prospecting System does.
The Prospecting System is for individuals to use and has ready made templates and generic messages. 
The Program Builder allows anyone to create a fully customized capture page, Autoresponder setup with custom messages that can be used to promote any product, program or service. 
With the Program Builder someone needs to do the initial setup and this can take several hours or more, but once it is done, you can bring in your entire team, give them a password and they can be up and running with your replicated sales system in a matter of minutes. 
This is an awesome way to provide your downline or team the ability to build their own list with a replicated sales page while still promoting the program you want them to promote. 
There are videos that show you how to get a Program Builder created but keep in mind, this is for more advanced users to do the initial setup and anyone can easily use your setup once it is completed and as we said above, your downline and team can have their system in place in minutes. 
The link for the Program Builder is on the left tool bar.