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sâmbătă, 26 noiembrie 2016

I just did a simple calculation which I feel like I should share with everyone.
Let's say you are serious about this business, so in average you enroll 1 new PSA per day. That should not be a hard task, if you use training materials provided by SFI you would learn how to do that. Or just go for S-builder / PSA To Go / some ECA store or outsource any other way you find suitable for you.
People share with others some statistics like of new PSA who are active. Some say their are just 1%, others claim they manage to activate 10%. I personally saw with my own eyes ( in my Gen report ) a person who was a TOP Enroller and managed to activate more than 50% !!! ( I agree - that's really AMAZING! ). I will take, for a purpose to explain my point, that it is just 3.3% ( 1/30 ). In other words, you sponsor 1 new PSA per day, 30 new people every month, and you manage to activate just 1 of that 30. So you would end your first month with a *team* of 2 people: you and your 1 new active PSA
What will happen next month if you 2, you and your new active PSA, stick with your team building efforts the same way? You would keep sponsoring 1 new PSA every day. For the whole month that is 30 new people enrolled by you. As we said, if 29 drop out, and just 1 stay active, sharing the same vision with you, you will personally get just 1 more NEW active PSA in your second month. In Total, at the end of the second month, you have just 2 active PSA ( and 58 inactive ). You trained / helped your active PSA from the previous month to do the same. He agreed to enroll 1 new PSA per day, just like you. He will finish the second month with his 30 new PSA, 29 inactive, and just 1 active. So, at the end of the second month you have a team of 4 active people ( and 87 inactive ): you, your 1 active PSA from a previous month, your 1 new active PSA, and "1 new active PSA of your PSA" your GEN2
If you extend this, you will finish the third month with a team of 8 active people ( and 172 inactive )
In the beginning it looks like you are going very slow, all of you invest a lot of time/money w/o getting back too much. But let us extend this further:
Month 1 – You sponsor 1 person – Total active people in your business – 2 ( you and your 1 active PSA )
Month 2 – Everyone sponsors1 person – Total active People in your business: 4
Month 3 – Everyone sponsors 1 person – Total active People: 8
Month 4 – Everyone sponsors1 person – Total active People: 16
Month 5 – Everyone sponsors1 person – Total active: 32
Month 6 – Everyone sponsors1 person – Total active: 64
Now here is the awesome part and where exponential growth starts to kick in. If you were to keep up that same pace of sponsoring just 1 person a month, teaching everyone in your organization to do the same, over the course of a year you would have grown an team of over 4000 active people. Here’s what the numbers would like on that:
Month 7 – Total = 128 Month 8 – Total = 256 Month 9– Total = 512 Month 10 – Total = 1024 Month 11 – Total = 2048 Month 12 – Total = 4096
Some will become Team Leaders, while others will keep EA rank, and 1500 VP/mo minimum. Let us take the minimum and convert this number into commissions! 1500 Matching VP have a variable money value, but we can take that it is $0.60 ( 60 cents ). Here is your income just from Matching Shares:
Month 1 – 2 X $0.60 = $ 1.20 - are you disappointed? Wait until the end! Month 2 – 4 X $0.60 = $ 2.40 Month 3 – 8 X $0.60 = $ 4.80 - still disappointed? Read further! Month 4 – 16 X $0.60 = $ 9.60 Month 5 – 32 X $0.60 = $ 19.20 Month 6 – 64 X $0.60 = $ 38.40 - this will finally cover your SO of 125 TCredits Month 7 – 128 X $0.60 = $ 76.80 Month 8 – 256 X $0.60 = $ 153.60 Month 9 – 512 X $0.60 = $ 307.20 - not bad, not bad, keep rocking! Month 10 – 1024 X $0.60 = $ 614.40 Month 11 – 2048 X $0.60 = $1228.80 Month 12 – 4096 X $0.60 = $ 2457.60 - I think now you have nothing to complain on

Do you know what is the best part? The best part is this: there is also month 13, month 14 , month 15 ... That is exactly the reason why this kind of business is a better choice than to have a 9-5 J*O*B, there your income is called "salary" and is limited for a 40 years with a very small rise, leaving you with 1/2 or lower after you *retire*
If this is true, why not everyone doing that? There are many reasons for that! Main reason is: they don't see that that way - you should tell them! School, television, newspapers, your parents, friends, neighbors... they mainly talk about "finding a descent J*O*B" because they are VICTIMS of that SCAMS who limit people's minds thus limiting their potential income, and joy in life.
Everyone has ability to follow this simple plan. Even w/o much money to do paid advertising, you can advertise on so many FREE ways. Time consuming, but it will not take you 40 years to retire on 1/2 of your usual income. It might take you more than 1 year, maybe 2, 3 or even 4, but once you *retire*as a Diamond Team Leader, you will earn so much more than before!
The Power of ONE can give you everything you wish if you understand it, stick with it, and explain to others how it works
"If I don't have a team, or have just few PSA who are somewhat active, does it makes sense to go for Team Leader rank?"
I want to bring more light on the benefits. But also to explain The Power Of One and Leading by Example. You should be aware of both, because the real power is in it! I would dare to say - that are the keys of success!
The first thing to know is this: no any TL rank, BTL, STL, GTL, PTL, DTL has any guaranteed level of income.
There is no such thing like: "If you are BTL your minimum earnings will be ... and if you are STL it will be ..." Per SFI Comp Plan ( ) it is quite possible that BTL makes much more than PTL. In the reality it is very often case that some BTL earn more than GTL or even PTL. You can be BTL with very active downline - 6 levels deep, so you would get a lot of matching shares and fat commission check. That is mainly the case with Seniors here, over a time they've made stable and active teams. You can become PTL with just a handful very active PSA. Although as PTL you collect matching shares 12 levels deep, if your team is relatively NEW probably not yet many people are in your 12 levels. That is often the case with ambitious new members. It just takes time to build your Team deep, not only wide. If you are such ambitious *newbie* you should know that you are on the right track - keep that route and your commission check will become bigger and bigger.
But what if you don't have team, or have just a few active PSA? Do you have to go for YOUR MAXIMUM??? Let's see some benefits:
#1 As a BTL, you will get 1 "share" of Second Home CSA around the middle of the next month. How many CSA is 1 share? It depends, but in the last few months it was from 40 to 60. You get 15% of TOTAL CV - Commission Volume of all your CSA orders - if they purchase with $ not with MRPs or TCredits. You get that as an EA - Executive Affiliate. But, in addition to that, as a BTL or higher Team Leader you get Matching Shares from your CSA -- a total sum of personal VP of all your CSA who are at least EA2 or higher rank.
In reality many CSA are inactive. But some are active. More CSA you have, higher chance that some will be active. As a Team Leader, you would get much more CSA than any Executive Affiliate ( EA ).
Side note regarding CSA: if you think who are yours CSA you will find that they are someone's PSA. Somebody sponsored them sometime in the past. And now you get that people randomly to be their Co-Sponsor. Just like with your own advertising, most of your own PSA would be inactive, that is how it is everywhere today. With so many *free to join* programs, many open accounts every day in a different program just to see what is inside... They are just curious. They are NEVER serious enough about their new business until you help them to see the benefits. More you try more you fail, but also more you succeed in doing that. Practice makes perfect. So your inactive PSA would be someone's inactive CSA. But, also, your active PSA would be someone's active CSA. And of course, are you active in SFI? Yes, you are! You will get a Co-Sponsor soon, if you don't have any, and you will become someone's active CSA.
#2 As a BTL, you will get 12 TCredits for free around the middle of the next month ( as soon as our last month commissions are processed ) . 10 TCredits pack cost $5.90 so 12 TCredits value is $7 That is your additional benefit.
#3 As a BTL for the second time you will get $10 cash placed on your TripleClicks account. So, if you never was BTL before, logically, to be "BTL for the second time" one day you first have to become BTL for the first time. Start NOW - sooner you start, sooner your would get also that! Take that $10 NEW TL bonus as $5 now, $5 next time, in total $10 which you will get once you do BTL for the second time.
#4 Leading by example: for me this is the most important reason if you are serious about Team Building. Team Building will give you life time residual income w/o limit, which can rise, and rise, and rise... The point of "Leading By Example" is to convert "SHOULD" into "WILL" and to act as "I will" instead of "You should" People look at YOU. If you tell them what THEY SHOULD do, but YOU don't do that, they will not listen to you. People want to see YOU in ACTION, not just to hear your advice!
If you have just a few active team mates, so you don't have profitable network yet, "Leading by Example" is a good reason to go for BTL. I'm speaking from my own experience. I've started in June 2012. by sponsoring people, most didn't start to work. The first day I've become EA, next month EA2, and next month BTL. Suddenly, some of that people start working. The once who were logging at least occasionally probably spot my new rank. Or saw that in my signature which I include in every team mail. I haven't any profitable reason to go for BTL at that time. I could stay EA2 and earn almost the same check. But, of course, I was honestly VERY PROUD on myself even w/o financial benefit! I was so confident that I will see HUGE benefits in the next few months ( toady it is REALLY HUGE ). But you know, it is not just to be proud. You have to continue to build your team! Never stop bringing new people while you are helping existing. I was doing that and I was showing my team proofs that I really do that to give my team a clue that this can work. SFI helps you A LOT with "Leading by Example". Your TEAM will see your Badges, will see you on the GROWTH tab, Leadership pages etc etc. Use that AS MUCH as you can!
So, some of my first ( inactive ) PSA become active. Some even made BTL, for a reason to copy me, or be even better than me. But the next month they stop working. I decide to repeat my BTL rank and sponsor more people. I finished next month as STL. The next month I've confirmed STL, and AGAIN some of the people who almost gave up, never ask anything, but still logging ( not every day ) become active. That is the power of Leading by EXAMPLE ( not by words of mouth ). Change your mindset from "you should" to "I will" and you would see the miracle!
Leading by example is simple what people expect from you. They want to see you as a proof that this works. They would think: "Ok, if he is so focused on SFI, must be he has some benefits even if I'm not active. I have to check this better to see what I can benefit from SFI". At that point you WIN!
I don't know for you, but I think that if you wait to see active team first in order to go for TL rank, you are doing wrong thing. In such case you discard the complete concept of Leading by Example! You are loosing so much TRUE POWER from your hands! If you wait, they will do the same - wait. Even if they sponsor some people, that people will do the same - wait. Wait to see is anyone from downline or upline is really serious enough to invest some money in that thing called SFI. You will end up with "we are here waiting on which other but looks like nobody wants to be the first go getter" *team* not the active team! Not impossible, yet it is very rare to see someone working without active uplines. Just don't mix up helping hand at every step with active upline. I said active upline and I mean that. With a huge team you can be helping hand to everyone, because you have only 2 hands. Still, you can be a great role model and inspiration for everybody in your team if you still advance, improve and achieve. They will use you as their model - good or bad. If you stop they would think: "If this is really worth doing, why he/she not doing it?"
What is The power of ONE ??? As we know you can become the highest rank here ( DTL - Diamond Team Leader ) with just 5 very active PSA. You need to sponsor much more people to find that 5. But it all start with - ONE. The FIRST one. Don't try to sponsor hundreds or thousands PSA in a day hoping that you gonna find your 5. Business success always takes TIME. It's far better to go for lower number of fresh PSA because you need a time to try to establish communication and relationship with that people. Once you think you did your best, go sponsor more people, and so on.
FIRST MONTH BTL QUALIFICATION: It is easier in the first month. You can make that rank just with your own purchase from TripleClicks in your first month. Also, in your First Month you have plenty of one time actions on your VP LEDGER: so you would not have to spend so much to collect 3.000 VP and make BTL rank.
BTL RANK IF THIS IS NOT YOUR FIRST MONTH: For BTL rank you need minimum 3000 qualification VP. Of that minimum 1.500 VP must be from sales or your own purchases. Of your own purchases / sales maximum 2.000 VP will count for a BTL qualification. The rest must be ACTION VP ( AVP )
#1 You have 1.200 SALES VP ( SVP ), 1.800 ACTION VP ( AVP ). That is in total 3.000 VP but you are not BTL. Why? You don't have 1.500 SALES VP minimum.
#2 You have 2.200 SALES VP and 800 ACTION VP. That is in total 3.000 VP but you are not BTL. Why? Because, for your BTL qualification, maximum 2000 SALES VP will count of 2.200 SALES VP you have in this example. The rest must be ACTION VP. Of your 3000 VP in this case 2.000 SALES and 800 ACTION VP are for BTL qualification and that is 2.800 qualification VP, less than 3.000 qualification VP you need for BTL rank. That's why you are not BTL in this example.
#3 You have 1.800 SALES VP and 1100 ACTION VP. That is 2.900 VP. So, you have more than minimum necessary 1.500 SALES VP. Sales VP ( SVP ) are OK and you have them enough. But in total you need minimum 3000 VP for BTL rank. In this example you have 2900 VP. How to get 100 VP more? The rest of 100 VP you can make as an ACTION VP or as an SALES VP. Because if you buy for 100 VP you would have 1.900 SALES VP, but that is ok, as max 2000 SALES VP count. Or you can just collect 100 VP as an ACTION VP. Up to you.
Am I saying here to do BTL rank? No, I just want to give you some brainstorming, but you have to decide. You will maybe recognize yourself in my story, or not. I don't know your financial position, I don't know can you or can't afford to spend even just $5 or $10. I don't know do you have anybody to "lead by example" - at least 1 somewhat active PSA. I don't know that. But you know. My intention is just to give you some simple summed up explanations and more info to take into account, but you will decide.
One thing is for sure: winners never give up, and losers always have a reason to do that.
If you have a winner's attitude you would fight till the last moment. If you lose 1 battle that will not set you down. You will go for another one to win. This is kind of war "lazy you against successful you". We all have both sides. Lazy side of our personality will always complain trying to find reasons and excuses why NOT. The change is necessary - to make your successful personality even stronger. In this kind of game you have to change your self. Not other people. You have to learn how to take a risk, how to go against your natural instincts which will try to stop you, telling you "Stop! It's risky, better stay safe!" and so on. You have to practice to become comfortable to go out your comfort zone.
You can be your greatest companion, but also, your greatest enemy. You've lost many battles against yourself in the past? Me also! We should be proud because we are keep trying despite the failures and pain. Take what is necessary, even if it is not "safe" or "pleasant" or "logical" and you will WIN.
The best way to light the fire in your team is to work with passion inside your heart, not with calculator in your hands! I always go All In. I'm not saying you have to. Everyone can choose his way. But I have a proof that this works: today mine is HUGE, and many of TL in my team who use the same strategy "All In, with great passion" can tell you the same.
If this post made you seriously thinking you are a good candidate to adopt this strategy and concepts and see it working for your own benefit. If no "butterflies in your stomach", than just ignore it.
Your mentor and team leader ,

Lucian Popovici



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Do you want to make money online?
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Leanne is really excited about the idea of making money online. She's spent a lot of time reading blogs and watching videos, but even with all this knowledge, she doesn't actually know where to start. And worse... she feels like she's missing her chance.

Or you've tried and failed

Andy has tried every trick in the book. He's spent thousands on training and tools and built a few small websites, but nothing gets him any real results.Everyone makes it sound like it should be so easy... so why doesn't it work for him?

Everyone promises you this...

  • Work for yourself and "fire your boss". Take vacations whenever you choose.
  • Earn money while you're sleeping. The money still keeps rolling in. You can take a six month vacation and keep getting paid.
  • Be paid what you're worth. Work harder and you'll be reaping the rewards yourself — not helping your boss get rich.
  • Work wherever you like. Travel the world, live somewhere exotic. When you work on the internet, you can work from anywhere. 
  • Spend more time with your loved ones. No more lengthy commutes. No more working late. You won't miss out on life because you were busy working.
  • Huge, outrageous money to be earned. This is a modern-day gold-rush. Houses, cars, swimming pools, world travel... all you have to do is reach out and grab it.

But here's what REALLY happens...

You can never even get started

  • You can't decide which method is best There are lots of ways to make money online. Which one is fastest? Which one is easiest? Who should you listen to?
  • You don't know where to begin You might read all the right blogs and know everything in theory, but when it comes to actually getting started, you don't know how to do it.

Or you get ZERO results

  • The methods you try to follow aren't clear and you get stuck. The problem with a lot of systems is that they are made by experts who can't remember what it's like to not know everything. So things aren't explained clearly.
  • You can't stick it out to the end. After you get stuck, you get distracted. Some other opportunity comes along that is "too good to miss". You put your project on the backburner and go chasing the next "bright shiny object". And the process starts all over again.
  • It just doesn't work. You start to wonder if all these "experts" have actually tried their own methods. Do they actually work? Or are they just making money by selling you training products?

Wouldn't it be nice to find a system that ACTUALLY works?

  • One that could kill that indecision and procrastination, by telling you exactly what to do next, every step of the way.
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  • One that is achievable so you can start seeing real progress on day one. 
  • One that's completely foolproof  even if you've never done this kind of thing before.
  • One that is also "future proof", so you're not wasting time on something that will just "stop working" one day.
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